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Monday, January 12, 2015

Wakerley woods to Fineshade and around the woods

With Gordon. Add a couple of miles, as I forgot to start the distance counter until arrived at Fineshade. Do not believe the weather icon here. A blustery day, with some rain on the return leg, but nothing compared to later in the day! Around 6 miles and a bit.
A grey start

The weather didn't look promising, and Maureen couldn't make it today, but we decided to brave the elephants, and follow the route from the car park in Wakerley Woods, along the Jurassic Way, crossing the A43, and on to Fineshade Top Lodge.
The sheep have their food

Snowdrops emerging

Better than walking across ploughed land!
 Then we walked around the woods, turning left past the caravan site, passing the Tree House play area, and after a couple of miles back round to the cafe. 
The rain started while we were inside, but was not much more than drizzle and the route back was fine, though very muddy in places. 

Map and details

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