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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pitsford Water clockwise

With Maureen and Gordon. The weather looked pretty soggy this morning, so we changed our original plan and went for the fallback option.  Just under 7 miles.

 More lapwings than I have seen in a while, lined up along the edge of the reservoir by the causeway.
When I stopped to get a shot with the camera, they flew off. 
 There's no such thing as bad weather. . .
. . . and the clouds were breaking up just before we finished walking. Are the gods trying to tell us we should be getting up later??


Ida Jones said...

Soggy underfoot but lucky you to be dry over your heads - it's rained here! Loved your comment re the lapwings - birds rarely pose for the camera, do they!

aliqot said...

I was lucky to get the first shot, I guess! One day, I'll go out and sit still for long enough . . .