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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Along the Welland from Stamford

With Marta. A flat walk mostly in sight of the river. Weather grey, some rain for a while, then cleared. Around 6 miles.

 We set off at about eleven, after a coffee and visit to the Arts centre. Our route followed part of my yesterday's walk in reverse, starting on the path from the `Uffington Road near Morrisons, walking down past the Mill and the diggers, and along the path by the old Stamford Canal as far as the bridge over the Welland.  We soon had to wear waterproofs, though the rain was not too heavy.

 We crossed the road and the river and took a route used by local dog walkers along the raised bank to the south of the river iin the direction of Tallington. After a while you can go no further.  There is a path a little further from the river, which we may try when the fields are drier.  We sheltered from the wind under a tree for our coffee before taking the route in reverse. We could have returned via the Torpel Way near the railway line, but the canal path is pleasanter and the river is in sight all along.
 As we headed back towards Stamford the sky began to brighten, the drizzle stopped drizzling and we saw the sun. Not a warm one, but bright.
 Along the river a pair of little egrets were fishing - they seem more nervous than herons and we couldn't get very near.
We had lunch in Stamford and walked back to the car, pleased that we had made the effort in spite of the dull morning.

Map and details


Ida Jones said...

Your efforts paid off, Alison and you got some nice photos in spite of the rain.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida. I'm enjoying exploring the Welland valley at the moment - seem to have spent half of last week in and around Stamford.