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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thorpe Langton circular, via the Caudle

Mon, 2014 Jul 14 9:06 AM BST
With Gordon and Eddie. Around 9 miles in all.

A fine Monday morning sees us parking in Thorpe Langton, before setting off downhill past the pub car park, along a farm track. When we reach the ford, we need to walk down the right hand side along a grassy, slightly overgrown path  before using the yellow waymarkers to navigate into the long field with cows and a few calves. This is part of the Leicestershire Round, and I've walked it several times in the other direction!

We head through the field, as the path goes uphill towards some woodland.  We follow the way markers, keeping the hedge close on our left as we make the final climb to the trig point - it's not very high, but the views of the surrounding countryside are good.

From the trig point we go down to the hedge and turn left following the bridleway along. After going through a gate the path goes downhill towards Stonton Wyville. We walk a little way along the unsurfaced road, the  over the crossroads and into the small village. 

We turn right opposite the church, then turn left and very quickly right to follow the path across a few fields and into Glooston. All well marked along here. 

From Glooston we follow the road - a very quiet one - as far as Cranoe.
We give the church a miss this time and decide we'll have a break when we turn left on to the footpath, just after Churchfield Farm.  We follow this path until it meets a side road into Welham, the take another footpath, through an overgrown gap with two stiles, and through a field of rather large though reasonably placid bullocks, then into the village. 

We walk past the pub on our right, then  the church on our left, we carried straight ahead into Bowden Lane, the minor 'no through road' leading southwest parallel to the Welland. After about a mile we turned right along the bridleway and followed this northwest to Great Bowden Road, where we turned right and walked back to Thorpe Langton.

Map and details


Ida Jones said...

More great photos, Alison. I particularly like the "patchwork-quilt" of the fields. It looks like a tapestry! Thanks for sharing another lovely walk. How DO you manage 10 miles a day for several consecutive days!!!

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida - it was a good day for photos yesterday. I don't often walk several days consecutively . . . and rarely over ten miles ;-). I like to think it helps to keep me sane . . .