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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gretton-Deene-Bulwick-Harringworth Lodge-Gretton

Thu, 2014 Jul 17 9:00 AM BST
With Maureen, Gordon and Eddie. Coffee and sandwich at Bulwick before return. V. marshy before A43 and overgrown after crossing. Hot and quite humid. 10 miles approx.

We walked down Southfield Avenue and the dusty track towards Kirby Hall, then followed the drive up to Kirby Lane, before crossing over, and going through the deerproof gate. At the junction of tracks we turned left and followed the footpath across fields, through another deerproof gate into a narrow strip of woodland. We had to cross a field with a large number of cows and calves and a bull to reach Deene. Luckily they did no more than show mild curiosity from a distance.
We walked through Deene and took the path up to the "teapot" memorial, with views of Deene church down on the right.
Our first crossing of a newly ploughed field - a rape seed crop, I think. Not too dry, and not too wet and sticky for once. After the field comes the marshy boggy section, which was still pretty wet aven after all our recent dry weather. The A43 crossing is ok, so long as you are patient, but finding the footpath slightly to the right is tricky. The sign is almost hidden and the path is very overgrown - lots of nettles and the signage is none too clear. Once we'd found the way through it was a question of keeping straight on around and across fields to Bulwick.
Excellent coffee/tea and sandwiches at Bulwick village store - home of The Pickled Village pickles.
We returned by walking through Bulwick to Red Lodge Road, turning left and following this to cross the A43 via a bridge. A bridleway leaves the road to the right, and we took this as far as Harringworth lodge lake, where we turned left along the Jurassic Way and back to Gretton village hall.

The walk is the same as this one from October 2011.  We did it in reverse on Oct 6th 2011 - more details about the teapot on that blog entry!

Map and details


Ida Jones said...

That walk had some challenges! The teapot memorial sounds fascinating.

aliqot said...

Not a walk for a big crowd, I think! We did the tricky bits before our coffee stop, luckily.
The memorial is explained in more detail on the post from October 2011. Enlgish aristo eccentricity?