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Monday, July 21, 2014

Lyddington circular via Stoke Dry

Mon, 2014 Jul 21 9:13 AM BST
With Mel, Norma, Maureen, Tommy, Jill, Andy, Terry and Steph and me. In fact around 5+ miles. Warm . Good views over Eyebrook and Welland valley. Memo to self - switch machine off when stop walking!!
I also walked another mile and half towards Lyddington.

We walk through Lyddington towards Gretton and took the footpath on the right , just on the edge of the village. It leads through an area of farm buildings and then across fields towards the A6003. 
We turn right and walk along the grass verge for a couple of hundred yards, then cross over and take the footpath which leads uphill to our left.  At the top of the hill we arrive at a field with a fine view of the reservoir, with the village of Stoke Dry in the distance. 

 Time for a short break.

Our path goes downhill, and behind the woodland surrounding the reservoir, bringing us out on the road from Eyebrook to Stoke Dry. We follow the road past the church and back to the A6003, at a high point.

Once we've crossed the road again we take a path downhill through fields, and leading to a road into Lyddington for a short distance.

A short walk, but varied and with great views.

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