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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Short saunter at Maiden Castle - 21 June 2014

A fine hot day again, and we have to leave Dorset, alas, though we look forward to a couple of days with the family before heading home.

No rush today, since Joseph is partying until 1 pm. Plenty of time for a short stop at Maiden Castle near Dorchester, once we've found the way there - no, the back roads on the map are not for cars.

After yesterday's effort I almost refuse to leave the car, but it's well worth walking up the track to the earthworks, and reading about the history of the hill-fort settlement.
I capture the castle - another silly headgear photo!
We can see the Hardy monument that we visited yesterday, higher up a couple of miles or so west of us.
six-spot burnet?

some moth

common blue?

marbled white

more burnet moths

When we've finished speculating about the people who once lived here, we wander around and discover sheltered spots full of flowers - among others birds-foot trefoil covered in Burnet moths, and masses of orchids. We see marbled white butterflies, blues, small tortoiseshells, and lots more that we can't immediately identify. Harry took some pictures. And one of a corn bunting singing on the stalk of an umbellifer.

Then we're ready to roll. We make a quick garage stop to buy some lunch provisions, and then a mini diversion to the tiny manicured village of Winterbourne Zelston to picnic, and it's all systems go to Southampton.


Ida Jones said...

Another good record and some fine photos!

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida. And to think I was almost too idle to do more than drink our flask of coffee!

Roy Norris said...

Maiden Castle, a great place to visit Alison. The butterfly is a female Common Blue. Among the others you couldn't immediately ID probably would have included the 'Wall Brown' which is a target of mine when I visit the Castle. (Not this year so far unfortunately ) No doubt there would have been Ringlets and Meadow Browns as they are everywhere now.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Roy. It's a magical place and the conditions seem perfect for so many butterflies and moths. Will have to check our butterfly and moth books, but these little brown guys and gals are tricky!