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Monday, September 26, 2011

Whiston - Cogenhoe - Brafield - Denton - Whiston

8 miles. Barry, Eddie, Maureen, Gordon. 

Down the hill from Whiston to Whiston Lock on the Nene. The couple going through with their boat had spent one month travelling back to Oundle from Bath.  The water was pretty choked with weed, and the gates were difficult to close. Some weed has been raked out and left on the path at the side.
From there we walked along the Nene Way by the river as far as Cogenhoe Mill, then up into the village itself.
The path emerges into Cogenhoe near Mill House
Chickens and Indian runner ducks (?) by the playing field in Cogenhoe.  We took the footpath towards Brafield on the Green.
St Laurence's church at Brafield.  From Brafield we took the path behind the church and made our way to Denton,, across some ploughed fields, and on one occasion we needed the machete.
Through the hedge, and onward.

Free range chickens between Denton and Whiston
Whiston church tower dominates this part of the Nene Valley, but is not, as far as we could see, easily accessed by car.  It was built by the Catesby family, and is very much their monument.
One of the Catesby cats inside the church.
There are traces of some structure on the ground. I'm not sure what it is.

Map and details

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Harry said...

Love the wooden cat and the fine perspective view of the church spire.