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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gretton - Harringworth - Seaton - Lyddington - Thorpe by Water - Gretton

11.5 miles, with Barry, Eddie, Gordon, Maureen. Sunny, very warm day.

The sun was shining in Gretton, though some of the valley was in mist.  We followed the Jurassic Way from Gretton, out past Harringworth Lodge, and over the fields, across the road from Deene to Harringworth and into Shotley.

Two views of reflections on the very still lake near Harringworth Lodge. 

A goods train on the Welland viaduct, seen from just above Shotley.  You can see Harringworth church steeple and further back, Seaton church.

From Shotley we walked into Harringworth, taking the footpath past the stables, and through the churchyard.  The church was open - it was cleaning day.

Inside the church is a plaque commemorating Fanny Maria Blaydes, nee Page Turner, who died aged 64. She was the wife of the Vicar of Harringworth.  On 21st August 1884, she was returning home in a pony phaeton,  from a visit to friends in Gretton.  The pony took fright for some reason and reared up.  Mrs Blaydes fell out and died on the spot.  There was an inquest in the Swan Inn, Harringworth, and the Rev Blaydes later  had a stone placed by the road where she died.  The full story was published in Taking Stock No 1,  by the Gretton Local History Society.

The stone is inscribed
Hic Obit
FMB,  Aug . . .1884
Sudden death, sudden glory.
I'd noticed the stone several times, but was intrigued in Jan 2005, when I saw that someone had left flowers there.  A sad footnote on the plaque in the church was that one of their sons died at sea at the age of 21.

Eggs for sale in Harringworth.
The path goes alongside the house, but was a bit tricky to follow properly.
I have several photographs of Seaton church through the viaduct - this is Harringworth church, looking back from the valley floor.
Once we had found our way back to the correct path, we crossed the Welland, and made our way round the renovated farm, through a 'stile' where you slide the bars through the posts, and out to the road between Caldecott and Seaton. We crossed this and almost immediately on our right was the path over the disused railway up towards Seaton.  From Seaton we took Grange road, which became a track and led us gradually down to Lyddington, passing by, but not climbing nearby hills.
We are not sure what this is - on Lyddington village green.

From Lyddington we walked up Thorpe Road, with its double hill, then down towards Thorpe by Water.  We didn't go into Thorpe, but took the footpath opposite Thorpe Road, after crossing the road between Caldecott and Harringworth. This crosses a couple of fields, then goes under another disused railway, and over the Welland on a bridge with one handrail. 
We followed the river for a while, until crossing a field towards some trees, where the path comes out near a farm building.  From here the path continues up hill by a hedge, then cuts across a field to a gate.  At this point we crossed the railway line which is still in use, and after another kissing gate, made our way through a field with evidence of ridge and furrow.   We came out at the gate behind the church.

The trees are changing colour down near the river.

Map and details

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Harry said...

More excellent pictures. The Welland Valley Viaduct looks wonderful in the heat haze. Another fine perspective shot of a church spire at Harringworth, these church shots would make a good collection....