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Monday, September 5, 2011

Lamport and Draughton via Brampton Valley Way

10 of us - Barry, Barrie and Vera, Norma, Sue, Steph, Gordon, Phil, Jill and me.  5.3 miles. Mostly fine with a couple of brief showers.

A bucolic scene
We started from Lamport High Street, and turned right along the Harborough Road which we followed for a short distance before turning left and following the path downhill to the Brampton Valley Way.  

We turned right along this pleasant path and crossed over the A508, then continued for about a mile and a half. 

We turned off to the right, near a disused footbridge.
We crossed a field, hugging the edges, to the road between Maidwell and Draughton.  We turned right and along the road to Draughton. Snack stop was outside Draughton church.
A few hundred yards further along, outside the village a footpath led to the right. We walked along the edge of a recently harvested field gently uphill to a spot marked as a tumulus - some vegetation and a round pond. This was when another shower hit us.

 We made our way  down to a gap in the hedge to the road,  
and crossed over to pass Shortwood house and a couple of cottages on the left.  There's a large area where they keep young game birds,  possibly partridges, in long runs. At the top of a short hill we turned left along a sheltered path, then across further fields.  It's a flat walk following the path and a very short distance after a left turn along the road we arrived in Lamport. Another left turn, and we were back at our starting point.

Map and details

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