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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Yarwell Mill - Wansford- Sutton- circular

Walk from Yarwell Mill 01 October 2018. Around 7 miles.
With Maureen, Norma, Eddie and Kate.

Bright, but chilly!

We followed the Nene Way footpath from Yarwell Mill country park. It leaves the road just before the car parking area, and heads north along the edge of a field, past enclosures with horses and alpaca. 
It then goes left up to the road in Yarwell village, where we turned right. The footpath goes off again to the right at a bend in the road. We followed the path as far as the bridge at Wansford. We turned left along the roadside, then right towards the A!. Just before the road we turned right again to walk under the A1, with the river Nene visible on our right. The path took us past a picnic spot, and then continued along the road way, past more construction work. We passed near a lot of litter and there was a lot of traffic noise. They are making the A 47 into dual carriageway, so the path can be a little awkward  to follow, especially just after picnic area. Take the road until you see the footpath sign, then head towards the river. All of this may become very unpleasant as the work proceeds.
Eddie walks round the pitch under the morning moon
This bus, labelled "Nene Valley People Rising" was on its way to the public meeting in Wansford

We followed the Nene Way to Sutton , and turned left then right past the church.
Irresistible autumn colours
We walked along Lovers Lane, and then took the Nene Way  footpath to the right across fields and over the railway bridge to Wansford Station.
There were crowds waiting for the arrival of the Flying Scotsman, but we decided to continue walking.
We turned right at the station and very soon took a grassy footpath on the right, next to, but not across a ploughed field into Sibbington. once there, we walked along the road to the left, which brought us back to the road to Wansford Station. A little longer but a pleasant detour.  We turned right, the very soon left to the bridge over the A1. All of this road walking had either a proper footway, or a very wide verge.  We followed this road west until it joined the B671. A left turn here and before long we saw the bridleway sign on the right.
We took the bridleway slightly downhill and clearly marked, with a fishing area and lake on our right. At the junction, there are large boulders and to the right the entrance to the fishing lake. However, the bridleway continues ahead. Ignore the fishing lake gate.
Soon after this the bridleway as a "No entry" sign. This is for vehicles. The bridleway sign is nestled secretively on a post to the left!  It continues behind Yarwell Junction and on to rejoin the Nene Way, just after a bridge.   Here we turned right to return to Yarwell Mill.
We stopped there for a decent and reasonably priced sandwich and drink before going home. 

The first crossing of the A1 is an underpass, the second a bridge.


Ida Jones said...

Beautiful blue sky and autumn colours in a garden. Close shaves to two very busy roads - good job you found the footpaths!

aliqot said...

I fear the A47 will get even worse once they've "improved" it. It's very noisy near the Wansford junction!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Think they are alpacas looking at the necks! My friend keeps them

aliqot said...

Thanks, Simon. They are indeed alpacas. There's a notice nearby, and I hadn't read it! So how are their necks different?