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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cotterstock again, in reverse

With Eddie and Maureen. Thursday 11 October. 7 miles.

Always slightly more tricky following instructions in reverse, so we spent more time walking through the plantation near the river than we should have done. Interesting, if a little tricky underfoot on occasions!

This time we began the walk near the converted corn mill, with the church in view as we left the village. The sky was noticeably cloudier than the previous day.
The path leaves to the left of the mill grounds

Close to Oundle

A heron which was not bothered by us as we walked fairly close by.


Ida Jones said...

Same area different perspectives. You were lucky the heron posed for you!

aliqot said...

It scarcely moved as we walked by! Unfortunately I only had my phone camera with me!