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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Tansor to Ashton circular via the edge of Oundle

With Maureen and Eddie. Just over 5 miles on a fine autumn day. We parked at Tansor, and walked along the road through the village opposite the church. This took us past the village hall, and Linden Hall. we walked through the large gate at the end, heading towards the A605 Oundle to Peterborough road. It is possible to cross this road with care as there is an island central reservation.

St Mary's church, Tansor
 We took the minor road directly opposite and walked along it for about half a mile, until we came to a small crossroads, where a bridleway turned right, heading southwest towards Ashton. After about half a mile we passed a bridleway turning right (ignore this path). Next we passed a rifle range, and the grassy surface changed to a road. Before long we arrived at Ashton. This village was rebuilt in 1900 by the Rothschild family for estate workers. For many years from the 1960s to the early 21st century the village hosted the World Conker Championship. This event is now held at nearby Southwick.
The village is the birthplace of Dame Miriam Rothschild a noted natural scientist and author. The local pub is called the Chequered Skipper, after a butterfly which has recently been reintroduced locally.
After around two and a half miles we were unable to resist the sunlit tables on the village green, and had a break.
 We left the village along the  small road with a "No through road" sign. 
The wall was shaped to accommodate the tree, though Eddie is hiding the bulge.

In spite of the cows lying down, we had no rain today
This is the route of the Nene Way, and soon we reached a footbridge over the river. We turned right and followed the river round and under the A605 coming out at Oundle North Bridge.
Footbridge over the Nene
We crossed the road at the North Bridge,  and took the second footpath, not the Nene Way. The footpath goes between a fence and the boundaries of houses.  At first it was fine, but as we walked further along it was overgrown with nettles brambles and other shrubby plants. We eventually took to walking inside a tree nursery, where there is a clear path.
(Note to self, write to NCC about this one!)
Some footpath!
 Next there was half a mile or so of road walking,  passing a bridleway sign on the right, and the road to Cotterstock on the left, before we took a footpath leading diagonally across a field on our right. At the stile this path turned slightly to the left, to head directly for the houses in Tansor. There were a couple of slightly awkward stiles but we were soon back at the start point. We had noticed that the church was open, so we had a look round.
A large pond and the river Nene behind the church


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Looks a really nice day out!

Unknown said...

Excellent walk, Alison.
We'll see on Monday whether the troops want to add a bit extra, or not!!!

aliqot said...

Cheers, Simon. A very pleasant morning's wander.

aliqot said...

Eddie, I thoroughly enjoyed it too! With luck I'll do the longer version today with Marta. If so I'll let you know the distance!