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Monday, October 8, 2018

Yarwell Mill - Old Sulehay - Wansford - Yarwell Mill

Monday 08 October. With Norma, Maureen and Eddie. 6 miles and a whisker. A rather dull day, with occasional sunshine.

The same walk as last Thursday, but in reverse and with a little extra wander near Yarwell Lock.

We took the Nene Way footpath from Yarwell Mill Country Park, and walked north, past the fields of horses and alpaca, as far as the road. We crossed the road and took the footpath behind some fairly new houses, past the playground , the allotments and orchard, until we reached the road towards Nassington.

A left turn and short distance along the footpath beside the road brought us to where the bridleway goes off to the right, heading towards Nassington. About fifty yards before the bridge carrying the dismantled railway crosses this we missed our almost hidden turn to the right, but found it easily when we returned. (Too much talking, guys!)

The path crosses several fields in a northwesterly direction, and continues between two fences for a short distance before reaching the Old Sulehay Road. We crossed the road and took the footpath which leads into the old quarry. We made our way to the far northwest corner of the quarry, and turned right along the bridleway east and into Old Sulehay Forest.

The path through the forest turns right and meets the Wansford Road just before Forest Lodge. We followed the footpath alongside the road into Wansford, and at the church turned right towards the bridge, where repairs are being carried out.
Another view of St Mary's church, but the skies are still grey.
Just before the bridge we turned right along the Nene Way southwards. At the end of the third field we turned left, towards the river and Wansford Lock. We walked round the little island before taking the path back round to the Nene Way and Yarwell. 

Through the short section between walls, then turned right along the road before turning right on to the path past the alpaca and horse and so back to Yarwell Mill, and another sandwich at the cafe.


Ida Jones said...

A good walk now explored from both directions! Love the photo of sunshine filtered through the trees - would make a good calendar photo.

aliqot said...

It's remarkable how different it seems walking the other way round the circuit. Lots of different ways to go off track! I'm pleased you like the photo of the trees!