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Friday, October 12, 2018

A walk from Cotterstock

Wednesday 10 October 2018.  With Marta. Just over 7 miles.

I found this route in the magazine Market Harborough Living, Autumn 2018, p 40-41.  It follows the Nene as it loops round close to Oundle.  We began the walk at Cotterstock, rather than in Oundle, at point 5/6 in the article, taking a footpath labelled Riverside Walk which leaves the main street between a hedge and a fence about 50 yards or so east of the village hall and the red phone box, on the opposite side of the road.
Leaving Cotterstock

Early coffee stop.

A heron flying away

Coming in to Oundle

a fine weathervane

One of several boats we saw on the river

Converted corn mill as we return to Cotterstock

Cotterstock church
Cotterstock Green


Ida Jones said...

That looks a lovely walk, Alison and on such a fine autumn day.

aliqot said...

There is a lot of riverside near Oundle. Those who live there are very lucky! We thoroughly enjoyed it.