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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thrapston - Nene Way - Woodford - Ringstead- back via disused railwaypath

With Maureen and Gordon. Between 8 and 9 miles. Our route out crisscrossed the return path three times. Along Nene Way, return via disused railway. Lots of fields were edged by grasses full of seeds. Return very simple. Flat. Warm and sunny, with cloud later.

We set off near the Woolpack Inn, on the road into Islip. Over the road into Thrapston from the A6116, and hidden in the hedge a sign for the Nene Way footpath. We head along the track, through a gate and over a bund, where cars are not to be parked.  There's a fishing lake on our right behind the trees. We make our way south towards the railway bridge and road viaduct carrying the A14.  Not scenic but very useful. There's a boat moored almost underneath the road. 
We follow the path and when it becomes a wider track we turn to our left and walk along field edges. It's not clearly marked here on the ground, and we have to retrace our steps slightly to get back on track. 
Near the weir and footbridge to Denford we turn sharply right and head west to cross the old railway path near Woodford Lock.  
Lots of these poppies flowering at the moment. Garden escapes or just a different variety?
 There's a choice of paths into Woodford, and we take the lower one, rather than follow Nene Way signs. It comes out at a thatched cottage, with more thatched animals than I have seen in one place before.
Foxes chasing a rabbit, and a pheasant

A thatched stag

an owl
 We have a look inside the church, which is large and airy, then I make the mistake of thinking that a stile could mean a path to somewhere. It led only to a field with cows, and no exit at the other side.
The stile which fooled me.
 From now on I resolve to follow the route and the map, rather than my faulty instinct. It is straightforward and marked pretty well.  We soon arrive at another crossing of the railway path, and a sign to Woodford Mill, where the café is not open on a Monday. Good job I'd not mentioned this to my friends in advance. 
These good-looking goats turned their backs on us
 Instead of a cafe we had our break on the grass near Willy Watt lock.
 About half a mile of road walking came next, on a raised footway at first, then turning right into Station Road, which leads only to the marina and fishing area below Great Addington.
Here we met the railway path again, and this time followed its very straightforward course back to Thrapston.
A branch of the Nene, fringed with water lilies
We saw a fair number of butterflies, damselflies etc. A swan with cygnets, various ducks, a few swallows.

Swan and cygnets - photo taken with phone. Just for the record . . .

Map and details


Ida Jones said...

A lovely record of your walk, Alison. My, those thatchers had a field day!!

aliqot said...

I wonder if a thatcher lives there.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Interesting pinky poppies, and I love the thatched animals. Not seen anything like that before

aliqot said...

Thanks, Simon. there's often one animal on a thatched roof around here - they may be a sort of signature, and I think they have become more common recently.
I have quite a collection of photos of them - they are good motionless subjects!

Roy Norris said...

aliqot said...

Better stop pulling them up from my garden when they've flowered then!