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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Irchester-Wollaston-Doddington crossing-Irchester

9 miles approx. Barry, Gordon, Maureen. Misty, fine weather. 

We started from Irchester (Woodlands Road) and took a footpath between two houses, which led us over fields, across the B569 and to Wollaston.  We emerged into Wollaston near the Scott Bader factory, and some houses, including one with several chickens in the garden.

We walked through Wollaston, past the church which was slightly to the right of our route, and spotted an attractive walled park, once part of the manor house. The seats were tempting, but it was far too early for a break, so we carried on and crossed the A509.  We followed the road towards Great Doddington, turning right after a third of a mile or so.  Our path turned slightly to the left (north-west), and we took a path between two lakes, and along a track towards Doddington Crossing and the Mill where several narrowboats were moored.

At this point we joined the Nene Way, and followed it along the river into Wellingborough. This was part of my route on August 5th, on a fine hot day!  

Wellingborough Embankment - just right for a stop. Thank you for the scones, Maureen!

After a break we carried on along the riverside.(I did a bit of this accidentally on August 16th)  Loads of swans, ducks and gulls hang out there.  There were a lot of horses grazing.  Most of them had manes and tails covered in burrs, like this poor fellow.  
When the mainline viaduct came into view we started to make  our way towards Chester house.

At this point we joined the Nene Way again (see my walk on Tuesday 16 August).
We walked around to the right of the house to investigate the site of a walled Roman town. We saw part of it, but there may have been more.  
Behind Chester House, which is being restored, repaired or rebuilt, is the remains of a walled kitchen garden with conservatory and fruit trees - just out of our reach!
We had to cross the A45.  It has a central reservation and path, so is possible with care. Then we took Chester Road, past Townend Farm into Irchester, passing Lower Farm, and a cottage called Cwmnene.  We made a small detour to look at the info board in St Katharine's Walk, and to seek out the (very small) Catherine Wheel which is part of the weathervane. Ha ha - wrong lens again ;-)
I like the banded stone effect.  The spire is the tallest in the county.
A short walk took us back to the start of the walk.

I was pleased to have walked along part of the Nene I hadn't covered before.

October 2012: Update about Chester Farm site - they may open a heritage centre for the Roman site.

Map and details

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