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Monday, November 7, 2011


With Maureen, Barry and Gordon. Very nearly 10 miles, hence the confusing label below this post.  Weather grey, a bit of drizzle-mizzle, some mud, but we didn't get anything like wet.

We set off from Top Lodge, followed the Jurassic Way round the wood, then down to Duddington - an interesting village which I never visit unless I'm walking or cycling. It's tucked away between the A47 and the A43.
Notice on the gate of the old school. The gate was open! 

The old water mill with the mill race still there
We crossed the bridge over the Welland, into Rutland, and walked through Tixover, leaving the Jurassic Way and meeting the Rutland round. Tixover church is a little out on a limb. Maybe we'll visit some sunny day.
We followed the route I took on this walk on October 18th, when the sun shone on me.  This time we stopped for a break just before Welland Spinney, where there was a convenient set of logs and tree stumps - the perfect café.

When we reached the road between Barrowden and Wakerley we turned left and crossed the Welland, then passed the old station house. Further along at the road junction, beside what used to be the Marquis of Exeter pub we took the footpath (Jurassic Way again) which leads behind some houses and the church to the road to Wakerley Woods.
We walked along the main pathway until we met the Jurassic Way sign, pointing to the left. It can be a little tricky to spot.
Then the path turns quickly right, and can be muddy. The signs are there, but are missable.  The path continues in a more or less south-easterly direction and comes out of the woods at a gate which leads across a field and a patch of trees, eventually coming to a large metal gate where Laxton Hall is visible some way to the right, and the arch of its gatehouse to the left.
Turn left here towards the A43 - cross it and follow the Jurassic Way across a field to a bridge, then uphill past Fineshade Abbey, over a stile to a path between two fences.  This path crosses a field then goes into the woods, still climbing. Once you emerge from the woods, all that's left is a cultivated field which unobligingly goes downhill and then quite steeply up to meet the road to Top Lodge.

This last section from Wakerley is one of my favourites.

Map and details


Roy said...

I would guess that when that sign was erected you could have probably purchased the School for Forty Shillings, Alison.{:)

aliqot said...

Haha! Yes, indeed, Roy. I've seen these signs at places like Wansford Station - not so many on private houses ;-)