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Friday, November 18, 2011

Clipsham short walk

'to the woods, to the woods', did I hear you cry?
Just under 4 miles there and back, behind a prison I'd not realised was there.  Weather fine, though the ground is muddy in places, and the light was beginning to fade. Garmin functioned perfectly.

I stopped at Pickworth for a look at the footpaths.

The limekiln, which is so clear on the map, is behind a gate firmly marked 'Private, No Entry' and almost impossible to see from the road.

I drove to Clipsham, and parked on a minor road, just off the main  road.  I walked along this road which runs parallel to the main road, then turned right, past signs to the Hall, which is very well hidden.   The church is more obvious.
. There is little danger of taking a wrong turning here - plenty of signs to indicate private property, and to be fair, decent footpath signs too.  The path forms part of the Rutland Round.
You come out into a field where the route was well trodden, then through a gap in a hedge, and across another field - here it wasn't so clear, and as the cultivated field was quite muddy, I took a detour round the edge on the way back. There is a waymarker just before the wooded area at the bottom of the field.  At this point you go through the hedge and follow the path along the edge of Addah wood, before turning right. I wondered what the high wall ahead was - it's on the map - the prison.  The path through the woods is pretty easy to follow - when the yellow posts aren't obvious there are some white paint splashes, and a couple of arrows.  I disturbed a couple of deer.   Through Lady Wood and a left hand turn.  Walk north until you come out of the wood. Follow the edge of the wood and go a little bit further to the quarry.  I checked the time and decided to make my way back before the light faded.

Map and details

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