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Monday, November 21, 2011

Laughton - Gumley - S. Westerby -Saddington - Mowsley - Laughton

Barry led. With Gordon, Maureen, Eddie.  9.4 miles.  Misty, not too cold. 49 stiles.

A pause while we regroup, just after Debdale Grange . . .

The Grand Union Canal

you can just make out Saddington Reservoir from the churchyard.

Eddie breaks the 'world record' as he climbs the 30th stile of the walk.

Applause as a new record is set - it now stands at 49! 

We can climb stiles as well.

the sun almost came out.

There are not many recognisable views here. The mist lifted a bit as we left Laughton. 

Map and details 


Roy said...

Is there a discipline in the forthcoming Olympics for climbing stiles Alison? {:) Dreadful dull weather we are having.

aliqot said...

ha ha! I'll suggest it to Big Seb! We had to do something silly to keep us occupied, since we couldn't see much of the surroundings.

Harry said...

A distinctly autumnal looking walk. I like your stile!

aliqot said...

A 'stilish' walk indeed.