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Friday, August 9, 2019

Walks in the Black Forest - 3. Triberg and Deutschlands Höchste Wasserfälle.

3. Triberg and Deutschlands höchste Wasserfälle.

Triberg claims these. At least they are the highest accessible ones. Seven falls along the Gutach river, with a drop of 163 m, and picturesque with it.
As rain was forecast later, we decided to explore. A €5 entrance fee seemed reasonable enough. 
The entrance is close to the centre of the town, which is something of a tourist trap!
Easter Island??

What is the climbing monkey about?

The way to the waterfalls.

Great views of the falls as we climbed up the path.

Through the trees we looked over to the houses in Triberg and beyond to the area we walked from Gremmelsbach yesterday.  
Lovely walk with nutcracker birds, crested tits and red squirrels. 

We covered about 4 and a 1/2 miles, and climbed around 800 feet to a height of almost 3,000 feet at the Adelheid car park, high above the falls. Lots of footpath signs again!

We walked back past the waterfalls, then turned off the main track, and along to the Bergsee with its cafe.
It was open for self-service only today.  
Back to the entrance to the waterfalls, and into the town to buy mugs and some tea, and then to the local Lidl for provisions. The town centre was not a great place for normal shopping . . .
... though great for cuckoo clocks!

The rain started in earnest for a while, so we went back to base for lunch. 

At almost 4 pm we had a little sun...we borrowed a baking tray from Claudia, the landlady, and had a chat with her and her 11 year old son.

We decided on a short a walk over the nearby "covered bridge", and along the road as far as the World's biggest Cuckoo Clock.
It was a fairly pleasant walk along the road, with views of the Gutach river.

Plans to expand

The water wheel

 Rather a lot of Schwarzwälder Kitsch though.
The home of the world's biggest...

Harry cooked salmon for dinner.

Finally, after dinner a walk up to Gremmelsbach where the brass band were in full practice, but the Rößle Gasthaus was closed.
 "Even pub landlords need rest, that's why the Rößle is closed today"

Almost 10 miles walked today, and lots of uphill.

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