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Friday, November 10, 2017

Sywell Reservoir and Country Park

Tuesday 07 November 2017.
With Marta, 3 miles. 
I had to finish a Scrabble game, so we didn't meet until 10 am! The weather promised rain later, and I was happy to do a short stroll after yesterday. 
Sywell Country Park is near Sywell and Mears Ashby. 

We had a coffee before starting, then walked along the reservoir path anti-clockwise. There is a lot of conservation work, and cutting back of vegetation in progress just now. The text below talks about how beavers used to maintain wetland - "Sadly the Rangers and volunteers won't be able to chew through trees ..." But they're doing their best in other ways.

Plenty of wildfowl

This is a butterfly and insect garden

On the way round we chatted to a man aged 90, who was out for his daily walk. An example to us all.

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Ida Jones said...

Good to know that restoration and improvement work is ongoing and providing a lovely place to walk.