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Friday, November 17, 2017

From Market Harborough Union Wharf to Foxton Locks

With Harry and Maureen. 11 and a half miles. Beautiful weather - just walk along the canal towpath.

A blue bright morning
golden leaves in the sun
the canal is mirror smooth
with perfect reflections

painted narrowboats
houses, trees, the sky
in replica below.

Across the cut huge houses with gardens
tables and chairs by the waterside
two canoes sleeping on the water.

The nearside is home to smaller dwellings
fenced off from the towpath
gates locked against the world.

Boats cruise by, the boaters waving
one hand on the tiller 
and the other on a cup of tea.
Dogs and their people take their daily walk.

Bridges and reflections form near circles 
yellow leaves blanket the water
reeds and weeds with seeds dance in the wind
fieldfares are in the hedges 
- the first this year 
flying from Scandinavian cold

By the lockside pub 
we sit with coffee and a sandwich.
Hopeful swans and ducks swim near
 - they're disappointed -
one swears at a too-nosey dog.

Boats wait their turn to use the stair of locks
there's comradeship in lock life.

With bellies filled we set off back
the sun has gone 
a mini-shower sprinkles the canal.
we have the wind behind us
and walk at quite a pace
with plenty of breath to talk.
Cue for a rendition of "Bill and Ben"

Goats with mouths of steel eating hawthorn twigs

Tame as you like.

Harry walks a little way ahead
suddenly he stops  -" shh - a kingfisher”
sitting on a willow branch, 
all blue and orange brown
it flashes like a blue arrow above the water
a bird that always makes the day sublime.

Even if you can't get a photo!

1 comment:

Ida Jones said...

Your lovely photos do this pretty spot justice, Alison. Very lucky if you manage to get a shot of the quick-flash kingfisher but lovely to see them.