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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Gretton- Caldecott - Rockingham circular

With Norma and Maureen. Monday 20 November 2017.   9.5 miles. Around 350 feet of ascent/descent. Lunch at Lydia's coffee shop.

This morning we are three
a fine drizzle fades to nothing
at first our path goes past the church
through the damp grassy field
no cows or sheep today

across the railway line
look and listen
the next field's ploughed
the path just visible
sticky after last night's rain
downhill and on

to the road
we cross the Welland
and take the path
by the weir and fish ladder
over a stile and
past kingfisher fence
no bird here today . . .

we see a heron rise and glide 
stretch-legged and slow-winged 
low over the next field
to a new fishing spot

a red kite navigates
seeking carrion

we walk the wide valley floor
note where during the War 
a Lancaster Avro
clipped an ancient oak
then crashed 20 miles further on
near Northampton

Caldecott . . .
another road 
duck eggs for sale

and now a stretch of minor road
about a mile
before the turn to a plantation
and footbridges over the river course
as it chooses its route

the wind still chills
so we seek shelter
among the sycamores
whose yellow leaves carpet the ground

I choose a tree to be my back rest
coffee and scones
my walking esentials

then on to cross another road, 
head up into Rockingham

whose tea-shop doesn't do Mondays

we climb the steep roadside pavement
pass flowerpot men,
 a Bill and a Ben
- all together now  . . .

Turn at the forge 
past the cars and
down the meadow,
views over the valley to our left
Caldecott, Seaton, Lyddington churches
clustered houses, lines of trees

before the railway bridge we turn
it seems the farmer has blocked
the unofficial path - 
the one that cuts out West Hill
we take the longer flatter way.
When we arrive in Gretton
the cafe is filled to the brim
there's a funeral ahead.

We enter, muddy boots in hand
(not on our feet)
ah, there's a table free.

The volunteer servers are under pressure
but food is good, though coffee
could be stronger!

The funeral guests depart
and we expand into the space available.


Ida Jones said...

A lovely record - and a new style of recording it!

aliqot said...

Thank you, Ida. Pleased you enjoyed it!