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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wing, Edith Weston and Lyndon

Wednesday 27 March, with Marta.  Just under 7 miles.

Plans certainly went aglae today. The gods of the roads were determined to thwart us - road works and diversions and then gridlock! Luckily a nifty left turn allowed us to escape - not to the destination originally planned, but hey, we can improvise!
After a coffee at Asda, and then a "nice drive in the country" we decided to walk from Wing. It's a walk I've done a few times, and new to Marta, so - no problem. A later start than usual, around 11am.

Here's a slightly longer version of the walk, from about a month ago!

We set off from Glaston Road, by the turf-cut maze in Wing, according to the info board one of only eight which survive in England.

From here we turned right along Morcott Road and took the first turning on the left, which is a bridle way. This took us downhill and north over the railway line and the river Chater.
Along the track uphill to the main road the blackthorn bushes were blossoming.
We crossed the main road and took the small road directly opposite, past the campsites and down towards the Manton Visitor Centre. 

From there we turned right along the waterside track, and continued by Rutland Water as far as Edith Weston Sailing Club. Instead of following the cycle track signs we walked up the road past the school, towards Manton Road, turning right along the path near the houses. We had a brief break in the bus shelter. 
At this point we walked along the roadside verge as far as the left turn towards Lyndon. We walked down this minor road, and turned right at the junction into the village.

Can anyone identify this plant??
At the signpost, with a bench over the road, we turned left and soon found our footpath to the right which leads past Lyndon Hall.
The church is just visible behind this, to our right.

The path takes a zig zag route along field edges, then joins the bridleway near the Chater. It just remained to walk uphill to the railway line and back into the village of Wing.

I only post this because it makes us look more like climbers than we are! If you don't spot the scale, that is.
A late lunch at the Orchard Cafe at Welland Vale Garden centre completed the day.

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