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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Brampton Valley Way and Arthingworth (2)

Monday 11th March 2019. With Maureen, Norma and Kate. A bit more than 8 miles.

We started from the same point as last week, the car park between Arthingworth and Kelmarsh. This time we began by walking south, and Before entering the Kelmarsh tunnel we took a path to our right, which took us through a pleasantly wooded picnic area, went to our right (west) for a short distance before turning south, parallel to the railway track.
We walked uphill and came out of the woodland at the minor road between Kelmarsh and Harrington.

At the road we turned left, and left again towards Arthingworth at the junction. We followed this small road for about a mile and a half into the village, turning left just before the church, and walking past this elaborate piece of hedging.

At the end of the village there are two footpath signs. We took the one on the right, and headed north, retracing our steps of last week, up the slope and along the fields, back to the trig point.
Another mini-work-out completed.

The trig point at the huge height of 146 meters above sea level! Nearly 500 feet.
Along the muddy track, turn left, head downhill and up to Waterloo Lodge, (the tearoom that wasn't).
Here we found our path, behind a farm building. We knew we had to turn right and  head north, but we could easily have missed the signs. The path continued, passing caravans on our right and soon joining the Brampton Valley Way. We turned left to find the path to the tearoom. Mission accomplished. Time for coffee and an early lunch, before walking the final two miles and a bit, south and back to the car park.
A slightly sinister figure preparing to face the elements.

Today's route.


Ida Jones said...

Rising to the challenges again - well done!

aliqot said...

We all thought this second route was better - but then we had already recced most of it the previous week!