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Monday, March 25, 2019

Fineshade, Kings Cliffe, Blatherwycke

Monday 25 March 2019, with Norma, Marion, Kate, Maureen and Eddie. Six and a half miles. Glorious weather, though the wind still had an edge to it.

From Fineshade Top Lodge to Kings Cliffe, past the allotments.  

We continued following the Willow Brook, on past Alders Farm and to Blatherwycke Lake.
This stile is too high! 

Looong legs needed, or climbing ability!



Blatherwycke Lake

 A pause for snacks at Blatherwycke church with its lovely spring flowers.

Then back to the track, turn right at the road and walk over the bridge, and past the houses   as far as the second road to the left. Take the path from the junction across one field, then keep the hedge on the left - good view of the lake to the right. 

At the next field turn slight left, heading almost due north, through a gate. Aim for the corner of Lynn Wood and drop down to the junction of paths. We join the Jurassic Way here. Keep straight ahead aiming for the big house. There's a statue of a stag over to the left, which you can see as you gain height. The path climbs up and there's a stile before the path is enclosed between fences for a while. 
A short stretch of open field then another stile and into the woods, climbing gradually. As you come out of the woods there's a large field which dips down then climbs again to join the roadway up to Top Lodge.
Dog's mercury in the woods (poisonous)

Lunch at the cafe, sitting outside in the sun!


Ida Jones said...

Your photos capture a lovely day for a lovely walk.

aliqot said...

Thank you, Ida. We had very good conditions.