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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Round the woods in Corby

Thursday 14 March 2019. With Maureen. just over 2 miles.

A sudden vicious shower, wind, rain and hail, the likes of which I have rarely seen, made me change my mind about driving any distance before walking.  OK, it lasted about five minutes, but with strong wind and clouds building up, the prospects were not good.

So ... a quick visit to the Lakeside Cafe at Corby Boating Lake, then a brisk (ish) wander round Corby's woodland blew a few cobwebs awau before we returned for - yet another coffee.


Ida Jones said...

There have been some really nasty spells of wild and windy weather so good you were on the spot to take advantage of blue sky and sunshine! And those sudden squalls can be very local - we had one really bad hail storm that caused cars to be written off - with calm, dry weather at the other end of the village!

aliqot said...

One of those "gotta get some fresh air" days after a couple of fairly sedentary ones!