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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wed 08 August Islip to Aldwincle

Wed 08 August.  With Marta. Just under 5 miles. It's Monday's route in reverse, more or less. We started from Islip, and walked the Ridge Road first, past the holiday cottages and on into Aldwincle coming out near Pear Tree Farm, then picking up the Nene Way ad following it through Titchmarsh Nature Reserve. Lots of herons in evidence today. We picked a few blackberries as well.

 An unripe walnut.
Changing skies.

More Himalayan Balsam

Swans on the lake
 We didn't cross the footbridge this time, but stayed on the west side of the river, walking through a shady section of woodland, and over a large field with cows, following the Nene Way.

 At Islip Mill we crossed Mill Lane and followed signs fro the Nene Way through a couple of fields and the pub garden and back to the High Street.
We picked up a sandwich at the Cafe at 34 in Thrapston.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Thought the unripe walnut was a stuffed avocado

aliqot said...

Ha! We wondered what it was. Very hard to cut it open.

Ida Jones said...

This whole area looks very attractive.

aliqot said...

It is, and not too many tourists - yet!