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Friday, August 3, 2018

Stonton Wyville to Thorpe Langton and back: Thursday 05 July

Thursday 05 July. With Maureen. Just over 4 miles. Very hot.

We walked from Stonton Wyville church, up over the Caudle and into Thorpe Langton, continuing along the Leicestershire Round path as far as St Leonard's church, where we paused for a scone and water break.

The view from the Caudle

surprisingly we still managed to find some mud in spite of the long dry spell

The field of horses and cows

In Thorpe Langton

Looking at the Caudle from St Leonards Church

The route back was along the farm track from Thorpe Langton to Stonton Wyville - very dry, little shade and hard underfoot. Quite an effort in the heat for such a short walk!


Ida Jones said...

A muddy puddle's a rare sight these hot, dry days! Love the road sign "Near The Church"!

aliqot said...

The only mud I've seen for weeks, I think.