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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Monday 23 July Fineshade to Blatherwycke

Monday 23 July. With Eddie. Almost 7 miles. 

The same route as on July 04.  You can see the map on that postVery hot again.

Route from the car park through Top Lodge cafe. Then turn left and follow the main track as far as Kings Cliffe. Down the hill, cross the road, turn right at the allotments gate and follow the path over fields, close to the Willow Brook as far as Alders farm.

 Continue along the marked path until you reach Blatherwycke Lake on the right hand side.
 We paused for a scone and much needed water at the church, before continuing to the road, turning right crossing the bridge.
Black swans

 Follow the road through the village. At the point where the second road goes off on the left, use a stile to follow the marked footpath across fields, with fine views of the lake to the right.
Old man's beard in flower - related to clematis.

 The path turns slightly left at a break in the hedge and heads across a couple of fields to the edge of Lynn Wood. It descends close to the trees, reaches a bridge and junction of paths. We take the path straight ahead leading fairly gently uphill with Fineshade Abbey ahead on our left.

 When the path leaves the wood, there is an open field to cross, downhill then up to meet the road into Top Lodge.


Ida Jones said...

Lovely photos and so unusual to see black swans!

aliqot said...

It's a very pleasant walk, and the black swans were a bonus!