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Monday, February 29, 2016

Thrapston - a recce walk

With Gordon and Maureen, starting at 9.20, Mon 29 Feb. 6 miles.

An exploratory walk from near the Woolpack, involving a walk along the disused railway track over the Nene and back, part of the Nene Way, the foorpath near Woodford Grange, and the track from Stanwick Lakes. All pretty well flat, and no big mud today.


Ida Jones said...

Wow, lovely shots - and no mud!

aliqot said...

A blessed relief after last Friday!

John said...

Thanks for the information on your website which I have used planning walks for a group chaps. Yesterday I did a recce of the Chelveston plateau as since your walk in 2012 the wind farm has been built. This is now marked on the current OS map which indicates some of the rights of way have been truncated-they have not though you walk along paths with high wire fences either side. It is an experience to be so close to the turbines and we will walk the full route in the future. I went on to this walk
which was outstanding. You can see that the bluebells in Badby Wood will be spectacular and Fawsley Church is a gem with magnificent monuments

aliqot said...

Thanks, John. I'll take a look.

aliqot said...

Hello again, John. We walked some of that route, as part of the Nene Way, and more as part of the Northampton Round. A delightful area.