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Friday, February 12, 2016

Stanwick Lakes wander

Fri, 2016 Feb 12 10:00 AM GMT
With Marta. 8.3 miles. Good tracks, bit of road, very flat. Long coffee stop, then walk. Lunch at visitor centre. Fine, dry, with a slightly cold wind.

Not so sunny as yesterday, but a lovely day for walking. We decided on this standby walk to avoid yet more soggy fields.
We set off from the Irthlingborough end, near the old football ground.

Reflection under the A6
When we reached the Stanwick Lakes Visitor centre, we were tempted by an early coffee - surprise, surprise!
Part of the Changing tracks art project
 The Changing Tracks European Art project from 2014.  Here it is following the old Peterborough - Northampton Line, which was closed in 1972.
and more
 We followed the railway path as far as the turn off to Woodford Mill cafe, walked past this and Willy Watt Marina. Too early for lunch, so we completed the loop by walking besdie the Ringstead road.
near Woodford mill

Light, water and sky

 Along the road to Ringstead they were chopping some trees
Moulton college training tree surgeons?
We turned right along old Station Road back to the railway line .We followed this, but turned off to take the slightly longer path to the visitor Centre.
Spot the green woodpecker
 After lunch it was a short walk back to the car.

Map and details


Ida Jones said...

A breath of fresh air and lovely photos, particularly those showing reflections in the water. Clever of you to spot the green woodpecker. Good too to see the water birds appreciating the art project!

aliqot said...

Marta spotted it and we saw it fly into the tree. Amazed it's visible (just) in the photo.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Love the green woodpecker!

Seem to be tree surgeon time of the year, doing their thing before the leaves make it trickier?

aliqot said...

I suppose it's also before the birds nest and after the fruit has gone too. The green woodpecker was a bonus - a real flash of yellow green when we first saw it, and then the "yaffle" call as well.