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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Thorpe Langton to Glooston via Stonton Wyville

Fri, 2016 Feb 26 10:12 AM GMT
With Marta. Very muddy at start, otherwise the normal muddiness of this year's field paths. A fine dry day, with some wind. Just over 6 miles, but it felt further.

The first part of this walk was one of the more demanding and unpleasant walking experiences I have had in this area, entirely because of the state of the footpath just after the ford to the north of Thorpe Langton.  I was expecting this from information the LFA had given me, but on this occasion those who reported this were not exaggerating.

Luckily I had remembered to bring the trekking pole, for once!

I would not recommend this walk until the ground dries out.

We set off from the Welham Road in Thorpe Langton, and followed the Leicestershire Round sign downhill along the field road, past Caudles Cottage and then farm buildings. At the point where there is a ford and two footbridges over the stream, the official LR path goes to the right and over a stile.
We nearly decided to turn back there and then and take the alternative low level route. If we'd known there were two more mud wallows ahead we would have done, but by then we were in so deep . - yes, I've misused that quote from Macbeth before.

By the time we'd walked the mile or so to the top of the Caudle, we decided we deserved an early coffee, and found a pleasant sheltered spot with a view.

Just after the trig point our path turns left and joins the bridleway between Stonton Wyville and Welham. This was also muddy, though much less so than the previous stretch.
The path downhill over an arable field is clear.

We met a group of four on the way into Stonton Wyville. They were walking the LR, so we warned them of what lay ahead. . .
Stonton Wyville churchyard looked very springlike, with snowdrops, daffodils and primroses all in bloom.

We made our way along the road opposite the church, and picked up the LR sign on a finger post "Glooston 1 mile".  This is a flat path, still rather damp, but no serious obstacles here.
 Instead of trying the pub we chose to walk back to the start of the walk, this time taking the field road to Thorpe Langton, which is a pleasant, slightly less scenic, and much less muddy route.
Looking back to the mud wallow beyond the stile.

Lunch at the Red Lion in Welham, after changing out of our very muddy boots.

Map and details


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Some great views, but some severe gloop out there!

aliqot said...

Not half!!

Roy Norris said...

Did you and Marta break out into the Hippopotamus song Alison or were the wildlife spared that.{:))
Apparently its shaping up to be the second wettest Winter on record, according to the Met man on BBC weather.

aliqot said...

Even the cows were spared! In no way was this mud glorious.

Ida Jones said...

Crumbs, that was a challenge!

aliqot said...

One of those times when you may as well go on as turn back!