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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lyddington, Uppingham, Bisbrooke, Seaton

Led byTommy. With Chris and Marion, Chris W, Marion, Jill, Norma and me.
From Lyddington, along the bridleway on your right shortly after the village green, then turning left along the muddy path with lots of stiles, through fields and back to the road. 
Over the road following the footpath uphill through the fields, cutting off the corner of the road. When we reached the road a second time we turned left and took the path by the road uphill to the junction. Here we turned right and followed the road, admiring the snowdrops, primroses and daffodils,  all the way to Uppingham market place, where we had a longish break.

We left Uppingham, going along High street East towards Glaston Road, then turning off to take the track towards Bisbrooke. More snowdrops and crocuses in evidence here.

We walked past the church and out on to the fields again. the first part of the route was a little muddy, and some of the fields were quite soggy. We made our way uphill, across the old railway line, and over a final field to Seaton, guided by the church spire.

There are some steep steps down to the road in Seaton, and we were distracted by a little dog. it had decided we looked a better bet for a walk than its owners.
We turned right and walked through Seaton, then turned left to Seaton Grange.  
After this the path was fairly straightforward, with the occasional obstacle.

After all this, we rejoined the bridleway, which has been improved recently. At one time you could guarantee a good mud wallow there, but it has been resurfaced!
Just a few yards to complete this seven-mile walk, back into Lyddington.

seven rolling miles
some soggy fields
well used legs
take me to the pub
and a hearty sandwich

unfortunately the pub didn't do sandwiches . . .


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Great and highly truthful little poem. Will remember next time I'm on a riverside trail run

aliqot said...

Thanks, simon! :-)