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Monday, January 4, 2016

Wilbarston to Desboro' (Pipewell) Airfield

Mon, 2016 Jan 4 9:20 AM  GMT. 
With Gordon, Eddie and Maureen, on a day when the clouds broke up a little, rain was forecast for later, and the breeze was quite chill. Just over 6 miles.

Odd lighting effects over the fields
We set off from Wilbarston village hall and headed west along Carlton Lane, then turned left on Queens Road, and right along Scotts Lane. At the junction with Main St and Rockingham Road we turned left and followed the road for some distance as it went underneath the A427.  We continued as the road became a track and then a path up to the disused airfield. 
Lots of water even on the higher ground
 We turned left and followed the perimeter of the airfield, on a good surface,  for abround three miles, almost back to the point where we joined it.
Animals need exercise

We heard horses approaching - they were obviously as glad to be outside as we were!
Looking down on our break spot
 Our break was at this point - possibly a weighbridge . . .we didn't hang around for long, as we began to feel chill again.

We carried on past the path we arrived on, and a few hundred yards further on took the road to the left, leading off the airfield. At the junction we turned left, and followed the road as far as the main A427. We crossed this and walked back to Wilbarston Village Hall.
Bare trees against the sky


Ida Jones said...

Did you feel the old airfield ghosts in the strange light? As you know, just finished The Greatcoat!
We've had similar weather here today.

aliqot said...

This seems to me to be one of the least haunted airfields. It's been used for agriculture for years, and people used to learn to drive here. It's regularly used by local dog-walkers and is very open all around . . . though maybe I'd feel differently if I was walking alone there in the evening!