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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Titchmarsh Lake, Thrapston

Tue, 2016 Jan 19 10:07 AM GMT
With Marta, fine and dry. very cold but no wind. Decent underfoot though some mud where the ground had thawed. We did an extra three miles at the start, before I switched the machine on to track the walk. Starting time is accurate.
Total around 7 miles.

Remarkable sky even around midday

Two of the many swans on the lakes

Can this be right?

This heron was still for so long that I was convinced it was not real . . .

. . . then it moved

Map and details of the second part of the walk. The first three miles were round the lake immediately to the right of our starting point!


Casey said...

Great photos. Love the swans.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Casey. Such a good day for a wander!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I love the frosty teazel!

Ida Jones said...

Super photos - you've captured the wintry light very well.

aliqot said...

Thank you, Ida and Simon. A real winter day today, and the sky was breathtaking. I can rarely resist a good teasel!

aliqot said...

Thought I'd got the spelling teazel/teasel wrong for a moment, but it seems both will do.

Roy Norris said...

Yes, Blackthorn is coming out all over the place Alison.
Nice Winter scenes.

aliqot said...

Thanks Roy. That was a few weeks back, too!