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Friday, January 15, 2016


A 2 mile recce to check the condition of the path between the Nine Arches Bridge and the disused railway leading to Stanwick. Or  - any excuse for a short walk on such a beautiful winter day. I was snap-happy today.

The path was a little squelchy in places, with the occasional icy puddle, but passable.


Crescent moon

Frosted grass in a shady patch even at midday

Blue sky and sunshine

Old railway bridge

Ice on the puddle


Teasels - they attract goldfinches

The A14

Nine Arches bridge
A bridge was mentioned here in 1310. In 1663 there was a bridge with 24 arches. The bridge was rebuilt in 1795, and repaired in 1841.

Islip church
There was plenty of bird life - goldfinches, sparrows, crows - swans on the lake. So good to see the sky!


Ida Jones said...

Super photos - and, oh!, that blue sky and sunshine! A tonic to see - grey and bitterly cold here.

aliqot said...

A big contrast to yesterday - a day not to be wasted indoors!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I love shooting ice and snow. It's such a varied subject matter.

aliqot said...

No snow here yet this winter! But I agree it makes evrything different!

Roy Norris said...

Yes a cold, but very nice day Alison.
I read an article in a Photography Magazine the other day revealing the unheard of idea of shooting iced up puddle images purporting to be a new photographic Art form. We have been doing that for years, have we not.

aliqot said...

Of course, Roy - all is grist to the photo mill!

Casey said...

Beautiful pics. Looks like it was a wonderful walk.

aliqot said...

Hello, Casey. Thanks for calling in. It was a delightful walk.