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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rutland Water - 2 weekend wanders

Saturday 16 January
From Normanton car park to Sykes Lane and back - around 5 miles.

Sunday 17 January Hambleton peninsula circuit - just under 6 miles
Lapwings on snowy field



Coots and tufted ducks

White-bottomed goose (!)


The church across the water


Ida Jones said...

Great shots and a contrast in the weather conditions.
I particularly like the photos of the church on the water and the sheep. Unusual selfie too!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Tufted ducks are wonderful, they are like black and white painted warships sailing in flotilla formation.

When my family visit, we set up at the main bit with the bike shop and the cafe, sit there with a primus making cups of tea.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida - Rutland Water is always a good local standby, and there is always something to snap.

aliqot said...

Good one, Simon! We take a flask to make coffee, but nearly froze today in the cold wind!

Casey said...

Brave souls out there on the water!

aliqot said...

That's what I thought!