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Monday, September 7, 2015

Weston, Sutton Bassett, Welham circular

Mon, 2015 Sep 7 9:35 AM BST
Led by Mel. With Jackie, Tim, Norma, Chris, Sue, Terry, Tommy, Jill and me. Fine and dry. Just over 7 miles.

A very pleasant morning's walk through fields and lanes, beginning and ending at the Wheel and Compass, in Weston by Welland.  We walk toward the village, turning left and then right near the church on to Sutton Road. Before long a footpath goes off on the left and climbs uphill. When we reach the signpost which points in six directions we take the turn to Sutton Bassett, which goes down into the valley passing Lodge Farm, and its noisy but non aggressive dogs. At the road we turn left not taking the immediate left turn, but keeping on the B664 for a short distance before the footpath continues off to the right.  We walk west for a while, and have a snack break, in the company of a friendly chicken - escapee or free range? 

 We head west for around a mile, then meet the lane between Bowden and Welham.  There is a mile and a half of road walking - but very quiet - we met one car and one bicycle.  The lane comes out near Welham church. We continue past the Red Lion and take the footpath just over the road, heading north east alongside the Welland.
 We cross the dismantled railway and reach Green Lane, where we turn right.

Another mile or so of very quiet road brings us back to the starting point, and our destination for lunch.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

The Welland looks a very pretty little river!

aliqot said...

I have become increasingly fond of it since my friend and I decided to follow its course (more or less) from close to Market Harborough to where it meets the Wash near Spalding. Not so pretty or little there, but still interesting.