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Thursday, September 3, 2015

From Spalding (Springfields) to level with Surfleet Seas End

Thu, 2015 Sep 3 11:27 AM BST
With Marta, following the Welland. From the Springfields Centre, along the right bank of the river, as far as the point where the river Glen joins the Welland. Then back. Quite a chilly wind. As expected no way to cross the water near Surfleet. About 9 miles.

As usual, after a drive of around 50 minutes, we needed coffee before starting to walk. Hence the late start. We had thought of including a ride on the water taxi, but in the end didn't have time to spare today.
Once we'd found the route, a path beside the river starting from the water taxi boarding point, we headed downstream, following the bridleway along the bank . 
Looking back from the sluice near Springfields

A cormorant . . . with extra legs. . .

cabbages . . .

plenty of herons . . .
. . . a hovering kestrel . . . lots of swallows, swooping low, but too fast for me to snap.
lively skies . . .

the River Glen at Surfleet Seas End. . . no bridge here, though

Heading back towards Spalding

We did a mile or so extra to see this moat, but could see no way to view the ruins of St Nicholas chapel, and a deserted medieval village. Wykeham Hall was once the country residence of the Prior of Spalding.

wild or escaped plums

Rowan, or mountain ash
Another coffee before we left - a lovely walk in spite of the chilly wind, with a tiny hint of the sea ahead.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Ha ha, I so associate East Lincs with endless fields of cabbages!

aliqot said...

They remind me of French knots in embroidery. But there's beauty there too!