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Monday, June 29, 2015

Deene and Deenethorpe Airfield Circular

Led by Tommy. Ten of us. Around 7 miles. Warm and sunny.

We set off from Deene village hall, turning left along the road towards the church, then taking the path to St Peter's church. This was the parish church for Deene and Deenethorpe, and the Brudenaell family church, but is now looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust.  It is not often open, but today we were able to look inside.
The ceiling over the chancel is splendid.
The walls too.
There are various carved heads.
We continued through the churchyard and past the lake and weir. Plenty of water lilies coming out.
Then I put the camera away and concentrated on walking. 

In the long grass on the path we saw several common spotted orchids today.

There were a few butterflies around today, and we also saw a young deer, which had probably been resting in the long grass. I hope it settled again and that its mother found it. Of course my camera was tucked away out of reach at the time.

Map and details


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Everyone is seeing beautiful orchids apart from me, and then taking beautiful photographs of them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about your trip to St Peter's. We've tweeted a link from The CCT Twitter this morning, using your excellent photo. Hope that's ok -