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Friday, June 19, 2015

Around Lyndhurst

I thought I'd try to walk part of the circular walk which we did in November 2013, but this time in reverse.
Mostly ok, apart from one closed footpath, and a wander off the track near Lyndhurst Hill - which is full of trees and many paths! Between six and seven miles in all. Fine weather, mostly dry underfoot - even the boggy bits were passable.
The pathway near the Waterloo Arms
plants in a wall
The beauty of alien invaders
The path between Pikes Hill and Emery Down

Lots of ponies around Emery Down
The path near Lyndhurst Hill

The Oak Inn at Bank

Bank post box.

Map to follow later. 


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That's avery pretty trip out, I'd say! Wondering if that is anotether fly grazed horse in your part of the world too, we have so many here. The last three days were gloriously warm.

aliqot said...

The flies can be an irritant for the horses. Weather has been wonderful down here too. So many interesting walks to do as well.

Ida Jones said...

Beautiful - and your photos are stunning.