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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Market Harborough and Lubenham circular via the Judith Stone

Marta and I continue our exploration of the course of the mighty Welland.

It's a wet and windy morning in Market Harborough
But lo, a glimpse of the sun !
Maybe they should have lit their bonfire last Wednesday? 
 What is this? 
Part of the corset factory which produced parachutes in WW2
The stepping stones are tempting . . . but we resist and make our way out of Welland Park, and out of the town.
The path crosses the river and the disused railway line,  goes past an emerging housing development and on and up a bit, passes some polytunnels and crosses the Lubenham Road. Now we've got this far we may as well seek out the Judith Stone
I mean, how difficult can this be?
We walk though a corner of this field of grazing sheep and on a bit, check the map, and the garmin to check our location. . . and then turn back towards Harborough, and walk through the field again.
A quick google on the move isn't a great help just now. Ha, there's a map pinned to the fence. It says we're almost next to it. ???? As a last resort we clamber through a gap in the hedge, negotiate barbed wire and find ourselves . . . back in the field with the sheep.
Who are these idiots???
Finally we notice one of the "sheep" is not moving.
Could Amundsen have been more delighted?

We finish with a sandwich in the pub in Lubenham, and then a mile and half's walk in the rain back to Harborough.
Well now, altogether that was about 6 miles - not bad considering the weather had almost scuppered the walk to start with.


Ida Jones said...

The intrepid explorers who, not put off by the weather, found sunshine and the Judith Stone! Success!! :-)

aliqot said...

We thought we were going to end up just taking a very short walk, but carried on! It got a bit wet later, mind!