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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Illston circular via Kings Norton and Gaulby

Mon, 2014 Nov 3 9:14 AM GMT
With Eddie and Gordon. Not flat. Fine and sunny, but with a noticeably cooler breeze. There's something wrong with the elevation count here. Last time elevation gain was registered as 403 ft and max elevation 652. Definitely more accurate!  Timing and distance are fine - just over 6 miles.

This walk was easier to follow in this season the fields are clear and the hedges trimmed. Underfoot it was pretty good, though we did walk round the edge of one plaughed and planted field, and the ground is wet in wooded areas. Autumn colour this year is not spectacular, but still evident, although trees are dropping their leaves by now.  The same walk in July was very different. See this link

Illston Grange

Kings Norton church seen from near the Gartree Road track ( a distant shot cropped)


An unidentified fungus by the stile

Kings Norton Church

and again

The village of Gaulby

Billesdon Coplow from behind Ashlands

Eddie reaches Ashlands Road

Ashlands Road towards Illston

Gaulby again

One of the gargoyles on Illston church
Map and details

Walk instructions - use with the OS map! 
1. Start on Main Street - the one with the Fox and Goose. Walk downhill to the end of the road.
2. Go through the gate and follow the path through a small rough field
3.Turn right and follow the path along the edge of the field downhill.
4. Go through a gate. The path line crosses the field to a yellow waymarker.
We went round the edge as it was freshly planted and muddy.
5. At the waymarker cross a field and go through another gate. There are sheep and often horses here. The path goes behind Illston Grange.
6. Turn slightly left into the next field. Head for the corner diagonally opposite, keeping a small copse on your right. There is a waymarker post and a footpath sign slightly to the left of the corner.
7. Go through the hedge and turn right, then go straight on along the bridleway called Gartree Road (unsuitable for motors).
8. Follow this as far as the ford, cross the bridge and take the footpath signed on the right towards Kings Norton.
9. Turn immediately left and go over the stile into the next big field
10. Follow the path diagonally to the right and uphill. When you get part way there you will see the next waymarker post.
11. Go straight across the next field parallel to the hedge above. When we were here the next post was hidden by vegetation but it came into view as we walked.
12. Keep in the same direction, aiming to the left of a small wood ahead.
13. In the next field walk to the right of a dip in the ground, aiming for the church.
14. Come out of the field at a gate near the church, then turn left and walk past the church. Turn right along the road to Gaulby.
15. Walk along here for about half a mile, ignore the footpath to the right and go over the road junction and to the church.
16. Turn right after the church, down Front Street. Go past School Lane and follow the Illston Road until it bends sharply to the right.
17. On the bend take the footpath/bridleway off to the left and follow it with the field edge on your left, turning right with the hedge and then continuing past three field boundaries.
18. Walk uphill along the muddy track at the edge of the woods. Go through the gate.
19. Keep the hedge on your right and walk past Ashlands. The wooded hill with a notch in it, on the horizon is Billesdon Coplow.
20. Once past Ashlands and the other buildings, head slightly right, and the footpath goes through a gate to the left of a field gate.
21. Turn right after the gate and you soon reach Ashlands Road.
22. Turn right and follow the road all the way into Illston.
23. Go down Main Street - the road with the pub. 


Roy Norris said...

Pleasant Autumnal scenes Alison.
The fungus is either an Aniseed Funnel or Clouded Agaric according to my book. Don't quote me on it though as its never easy to ID theses things.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Roy. Quite a lot of fungi around at present - I guess it's the season, of course.

Ida Jones said...

Again some lovely autumn shots, Alison. I don't think I've ever seen blue fungi before!

aliqot said...

Many thanks, Ida - in fact they looked slightly greener than in the photograph. They were odd enough for me to want to snap them.