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Monday, November 10, 2014

Easton - Stamford - Wothorpe - Easton

Mon, 2014 Nov 10 9:26 AM GMT
With Tommy, Norma, Chris, Terry and Gordon. A fine dry morning, cool. Some mud underfoot. Around 5.5 miles.

An easy, pleasant short walk this morning, on good paths and in fine weather, if a little cool to start with.

We walked north along Church Street to the church, and turned right - not down Park Walk but along the next path.

Easton on the Hill house-scape

Flowers still blooming
 We crossed a few fields going north east, over the railway and under the A1. We continued in more or less the same direction following the Welland into Stamford, past the old Roman Ford to Town Meadows, where we made use of a picnic table for our break.
The Welland near Stamford

Stamford from Town Meadows
We turned south east, crossed the bridge towards the car park, walked up Wothorpe Road to the A 43 and crossed over. Next we followed the path to the right, parallel to the road and then going southwest over a field and along a narrow footpath with hedges each side. This brought us out into Wothorpe, with its very fine houses.
Walking through the posh part of Wothorpe
 As the road turned to the left Stamford came into view beyond the fields.
A more distant view of Stamford
We passed the other footpath near the end of the road (First Drift) , then arrived at the Old North Road. We crossed over and turned to our right, past the Wood suppliers, as far as the entrance to the golf course. Here we crossed the road again and took a bridleway southwest.
Along the bridleway opposite the golf course
 We crossed the A1 by a bridge, and continued past Old Wothorpe House. It must have been a fine place in its day.
Old Wothorpe House
 The path took us as far as the A43, which we crossed and followed the road back to the cars, in Easton on the HIll.
Coming back into Easton on the HIll


Ida Jones said...

A fine mix of architecture and countryside but the unusual style of Old Wothorpe House is intriguing.

aliqot said...

I've just googled and this came up:


Ida Jones said...

Thanks for the links - it has an interesting history.