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Sunday, November 30, 2014


About 5 miles on a magical evening.

We set off after 3pm, just as the sun was settling behind the hills
The setting sun was reflected in the reservoir and in the windows of the big house.

Geese flew to roost on the fields after spending the day by the water.
There is a heron to the left of the trees.
Another goose on the wing.
The water was very still. The berries on the bushes glowed.
Water fowl leaving v-tracks in the water.

A pair of swans were dabbling in the shallows.
Evening was falling quickly, but the lake reflected what light there was.


Ida Jones said...

Beautiful photos, Alison. That does indeed look magical. Lucky you - fog and 2 degrees here!

aliqot said...

We had a lot of fog last week. Yesterday afternoon and today were much better!

Roy Norris said...

Some really stunning images Alison.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Roy.