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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Northants Round 6 - Blisworth to Bugbrooke (and back)

Tue, 2014 Apr 29 10:27 AM BST
With Marta. Fine weather mostly. 13.44 miles.

We manage to park near the canal in Blisworth, and head off down Gayton road. After about 50 meters we find the footpath, with an NR sign, leading up a sloping field. In the corner some chickens and a cockerel are vociferous in their coop.
Looking back to Blisworth
The first field is grass, then we cross a field of red earth, planted with a young crop. There's a clear path, and a signpost at the opposite end. The mud doesn't stick today - not wet enough. We pass a couple of people setting out some poles in the field. Too far away to enquire, we simply wave, and carry on towards what is still called Gayton Road, where we turn left and follow the road over the A43 to the crossroads. Another left turn, and a short distance down the road, just opposite the campsite and ponds of Gayton Wood Farm, our path goes to the right.
Spot the sign!
The signs are covered by the hedge, but I have to say talking and misjudged distance lead us to walk almost half a mile too far, before we realise and turn back! Once we find the route it's no problem to follow it across the field, turning left at the first hedge, then over the dismantled railway in its deep cutting.
Dismantled railway cutting
A little further and the path is enclosed by hedges and a fence as we come to Gayton Wilds House and New Wilds cottages. At the Tiffield Road we turn right and walk into Gayton, past some allotment gardens. We make use of the Golden Jubilee seat on the village green for a coffee break.
Gayton village green
We turn left along the road, and very soon, just before the village end our path goes to the right. Gayton is on a ridge, and before long we have great views - a little misty today - over the Nene valley.
Wide vistas

Couldn't resist the colours here
Skylarks are around too.   After this relatively high level walk, through oilseed rape, though with an excellent path, the land drops down steeply to the road, the West Coast mainline railway and the Grand Union Canal at Anchor Farm.
Toward the canal etc.

From here until close to Bugbrooke we simply follow the canal - and the nearby rail line, though very busy, is far less intrusive than motorway noise.  We see a heron, mallards with chicks, moorhen.
Boat porthole

First heron of the day
Very few boats, though there are plenty in the local marinas.
Just before reaching Bugbrooke we leave the canal, to follow the Northamptonshire Round into the village.  
Rail bridge behind canal aqueduct

Stream that goes below the canal etc.
We follow the hedge, then turn right at an aqueduct carrying the canal, with a bridge not far away for the railway. In the village we enquire at the pet shop about eating places, and the owner directs us to the Wharf Inn, back by the Canal. We've walked almost seven miles by now.

a second heron
After lunch we decide to take the most direct (and flat) route back to Blisworth, and follow the canal all the way.
Bridge at Gayton Junction
We have another short break on a conveniently placed seat at Gayton Junction, then almost take the Northampton Arm of the canal, but soon correct ourselves.
My best heron of the day
Another mile and we are back in Blisworth. This 13.4 mile walk feels quite enough for today!
Back in Blisworth


Roy Norris said...

A Heron flight shot, I'm impressed.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Roy.