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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Thu, 2014 May 22 9:11 AM  BST
With Harry and Gordon. Fine and dry with rain forecast for later. Great views from the ridges. 7.5 miles.

I looked at the forecast - damp, then dry, then rain in the afternoon.  We'll risk it. An early start and not much over seven miles. Go! 

We park in Manton and walk back to the A6003, crossing to the bridleway on the ridge. From here we look back to views of Rutland Water.

 We walk over grassland past the deserted mediaeval village of Martinsthorpe - the uninhabited building has been worked on since I last walked here.
 We join the track from Gunthorpe Hall,  still with great views.

Shortly after America Lodge Farm, we join a road, and at crossroads we turn right and walk downhill into Brooke.
Brooke church
We turn right past the church and left into Brook Road . This leads us over the river Gwash. 
River Gwash
It becomes a track leading up hill past Hillside Cottage, long neglected but soon to be revivified.
The track continues and at a junction we turn right towards the wooded Brooke Covert East. 
Once past the covert we have a clear view of Oakham on our left .
 Young cattle in the field are no problem.
 View of Oakham with a knoll between. 
Our path goes gently down to the railway and the main road. We cross over and walk along the road to Egleton Birdwatching Centre, where we pause for a break.
It only remains to walk the two miles of reservoir track and to return to Manton.  And we have seen no rain, though there are dark clouds as well as some blue sky. 


Ida Jones said...

Lovely photos, Alison.

aliqot said...

We were very lucky with the weather - the forecasters were spot on! I'm sitting here listening to the rain.