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Monday, April 28, 2014

Lyddington circular, Uppingham, Bisbrooke Seaton.

Mon, 2014 Apr 28 9:28 AM BST
With Mel, Norma, Phil, Tommy, Sue, Marion, Terry, Steph, Barrie E, and me. Fine dry day. Early pause at Uppingham. Seven miles+.
Same route as this walk in late March.

From Lyddington we take the path by the village green and out past the old fishponds, where a crowd of bullocks are not bothered about us, but show plenty of interest for the farmer's arrival in his truck. Then it's on behind the houses, past the horse enclosures and round to meet the road just before the left hand bend.
We cross and make our way up the hill. I avoid my tendency to veer to the right on this hill, and we come out at the crossing point.
We cross the community college's playing field, and walk down and up the dip where the horses and pig live - no sign of them today. Then on and into Uppingham. We have a very early break (only 2. 1 miles done). 

Along the High Street, past the cricket pavilion, then following the left hand track which leads across and open field and soon into Bisbrooke.  From Bisbrooke, past the church and through fields, over the dismantled railway, through a field of rape, over another field and down the steep steps into Seaton.

Turn right here, then left at Grange Lane, past the farm business buildings.  This fine figure of a bull is in a field - behind a fence.

It's not much over a mile now, along field boundaries, and then down a muddy bridleway and back into Lyddington. A pleasant wander in good company.

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